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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
10:28 pm
Officially published! Or will be... twice even.
Ok, so you may have read I've gotten two papers out on the web, third one still coming, tomorrow hopefully! Well, those two papers have now both made it through peer review and will be published in Physics Review D! I'm pretty happy about that. Even if one referee was abit more aggressive than the other.

As for job applications, I applied to 75 places both domestic and international. No bites yet. I'm not holding my breath, especially since I still don't have third paper out. I could do this exciting thing where I tick off places that turn me down or fill positions, but I think that would be depressing. Just know, there is still a chance I can wind up in Melbourne... Australia, or Tokyo or Paris, the list goes on.

On the plus side, I'm covering my own ass by potentially going to 3 career fairs. 2 are oriented towards physic-y people. However, they happen to be in Pittsburgh and Chicago! So they'll prolly be weekend events.

As for other big news, I've got a date scheduled for my thesis defense, March 31st! Unfortunantely, this means my thesis has to be completed by March 2nd! I started today. So, 42 days to finish a thesis! The Gauntlet has been thrown down! Time to answer!

Also, I'm over on facebook now too. :-P So you can find more common updates to the life and wiles of Dudders there. Or not, no skin off my nose!
Monday, October 20th, 2008
12:34 am
Published for a second time!
Ok, some once again, I'm really just on the internet while it goes through the peer review process. But you can find the article here if you're interested, though I doubt many people are: http://xxx.lanl.gov/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0810/0810.2997v1.pdf

Now I have one more paper to finish before I start applying for Post Docs, and I'll be apply for lots of those. From everywhere from Northeast to Southeast to California to Canada to Japan and to Australia. Where will Dudds end up? Who knows?! All depends on who hires the dumb bastard! heh

Life is going ok. This second paper took a little longer than I wanted it too, but its done so I can only complain so much. I've still been addicted to the presidential election coverage but once again, I won't rant political on this space simply cause I doubt anyone reads it... er I mean, its not the best place for political discussions. :)

Been playing a lot of WoW lately. New patch came out that is the precurser to the new expansion, so lots of new goodies to play around with. Still playing my Xbox 360 occasionally as well reading the 8th book in the Fallen Malazan series by Steven Erikson.

Also in other news: I've been getting in consistent board games recently. :) For those of you don't know, I've become quite the avid collector since I've come to grad school. Needed another addiction to spend money on. :-P But now I've finally got to consistently play on friday nights and thats been fun. Also been consistently playing chess with my officemates, instead of working, one of which is a visiting grad student from Spain, who will only be here for the next month. Its been interesting since I'm now the only one in my office, out of like 5 people, who doesn't speak spanish! Tempted to learn.

Speaking of spanish... the wedding in Florida was fun! (Its not that big a logical jump, trust me!:-P), I ended up flying for about the same price it would of cost to drive. That included a car rental. Overall, was nice to see some friends there and to meet some others. A good time was had, even if I did have to get up before 4 am on two out of 3 days.

Tomorrow begins fall break at the university, which affects me not since I don't TA this semester. The plan is to get lots of work done on this third paper and with any luck you'll be seeing another one of these "Ohmigodipublishedagainletmeblowitoutofproportion" posts within a week or two. Don't hold your breath though, I know I wouldn't!

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Friday, September 26th, 2008
12:28 am
Chugging along in NDville.
Greetings all!

Thought I'd drop another update for the persistent stalkers who might still be reading this. Life's been rather decent still. I'm beginning the job hunt phase of the semester soon... but before that happens I get to go on a trip.

Yes, I'll be visiting the fine sunny state of Florida (again) to attend a wedding of a friend from undergrad (again). I'm trying to decide if I want to spend an extra day there yet as so far my plan is to drive there friday, sleep, go to wedding saturday, sleep, drive back home. The negative with staying is that it costs more money. We'll see though. I'm looking forward to the wedding as I've not seen said friend in a few years since she moved from Chicago.

In entertainment news, that is, my entertainment, I've recently come up with an Xbox 360. So far I've beaten the two games I startedplaying for it. Those games being Mass Effect and Tales of Vesperia. I enjoyed both of them. It's been a solid Bday present so far. Other entertainment of note: Avatar, the Last Airbender. When I went to visit home I caught a couple of episodes at my friends in PA and then later at home. The show is rather solid in my opinion. I've since watched the whole series and it gets my approval, even if that approval is worthless! :)

On the work front: Things are progressing. My second paper should be out by now... but it's not. I'm currently writing my third paper... and thats going slow. Things could be a little better, but they're not bad. Last year things were bad. This summer has just been meh. Except for the trip to Boulder for a summer school, that was awesome. I also will begin my job hunt soon. Wish me luck on that.

Anyways, thats pretty much my life in a nutshell... I'm playing more boardgames on friday nights and I'm still playing WoW. I've also become a bit more interested in the political season, and will vote this year. Hehe, I won't turn this into a politcal rant though. ;)

Later all!
Thursday, May 29th, 2008
11:26 pm
I'm published!
Well, ok, not really. I do now have a paper on the Los Alamos Archives though! And thats a pretty huge start since in my field, all papers end up there. Heck, some of the more prestigious people in my field use ONLY the archive and don't actually publish to journals at all anymore.

Here's the link to my first paper.

Now, I'm obviously making a bigger deal out of this than it probably is. But after all the frustration this paper has given me its glad to finally have it out where its officially readable! :)

Anyways, Hi everybody. As you can see, things are obviously doing better in the world of Dudds. In other news, I leave saturday to spend a month in Boulder, Colorado. Attending the TASI summer school. I plan to get anothe paper done in the time I'm spending there.

LEts see, I also got a PSP thanks to an awesome friend of mine who found one being sold cheap and he bought it and mailed it out to me. Only cost me 85 bucks! :-D Go go portalable entertainment. I plan on procuring a memory card for it tomorrow to start playing Crisis Core on the trip.

Life is actually looking rather up at the moment. Playing fun games, Work is going well. One kind of sucky thing that happened is a few friends of mine moved to Pennsylvania! A couple others have graduated and will be moving out soon. While a bit sad, its also nice to see my friends move on. Kind of shows there is a light at the end of the cold dark tunnel that is graduate school. :-P

Anyways! Hope all is going well for everyone else!
Saturday, December 15th, 2007
12:27 am
Hey all!
Hey guys! How are my loyal readers doing? :-P

I'm doing ok. Was finally able to get my hands on my paper my advisor was writing. So progress is being made quite readily. With pleasing results to boot. Maybe I'm not a failure afterall! :-P

Lets see. On the other parts of life front. Still playing WoW. Its going alright. I'm glad I'm not a leader anymore since it was quite stressful. Now I'm just a healer. I keep dudes up, we kill boss, there is much rejoicing. :-P

I'm also currently playing Tales of the Abyss. It started out with some very interesting characterization, in that all the characters were complete asses. However, they start to grow on each other and have started growing on me. The games been quite enjoyable. With great voice acting and some pretty nicely Animated cutscenes. Here's hoping I get it finished unlike most of my games.

Speaking of! Winter break is coming up. I'll be packing up my ps2 and some books and driving home. Should be a fun trip if I can avoid the tons of Ice and Snow. On the trip, I hope to wrap up some games I've completed 90% of. Like PErsona, DDS2, and FF12.

Oh, yes, I got the hole in my ceiling fixed and some of the paint chipping removed! So now my apartment looks a lot less ghetto than it used too. I dare say, if I cleaned it up, I might not even be that ashamed of it! Psh... who am I kidding. ;)

Lets see... I should mention that the game Portal is awesome! If you've not gotten on the band wagon and tried it out. Find a friend who owns it and tell him or her to let you play through it! Was some quality stuff! Nothing like robots mournfully saying on death: "I don't blame you." to cheer you up. Seriously, try the game out, its only like 2-3 hours long. If anything, listen to the closing credits on youtube!

So thats about it. Pretty sad that my most exciting news is game related, but meh, not worth killing myself over right? :-P Other parts of life will pick up in time.
Monday, October 29th, 2007
12:36 am
Another day, another country visited.
Hola friendly readers. I just got back from Venezuala tonight so I thought I'd post some thoughts about it. I went cause a great friend from my undergrad was having a wedding and I was in the wedding. The ticket was very expensive so I was a little apprehensive about going. Now that I'm back safely, I can without a doubt say I was happy I did. :)

Onto the day to day highlights

Wednesday was the beginning of the trip. Had to drive to chicago at 4:30 in the morning to catch my flight. I forgot Chicago was an hour behind me so I ended up showing up 3 hours early instead of 2 like I wanted. The upside was I got on an earlier flight. The downside is this led to a SEVEN hour layover in Atlanta. I spent nearly every minute of it reading a book a friend loaned me called "The Name of the Wind." I went from 100 pages in to about 600 in and would finish it the next morning. Anyways, I finally got to Caracas at 9ish. No troubles with customs or immigration. Moved right on through. Stayed at my friend's Mother's house. While neither his mother, nor his cousin who was staying there could speak English, they were both VERY friendly and took very good care of me. To the point of making sure I ate two oversized hotdogs at midnight! o.0 :) But I finished the night with watching the Redsox win game 1 of the world series. (Apparently, Baseball is bigger than Soccer there.)

This leads me to Thursday. This day, Alejandro still wasn't in the country so I was still left in the care of his mother until he would get home at 10ish. First she took me to the mountain that surrounds Caracas. ( I forget the name.) But there was essentially a sky lift, like you see in amusement parks and it goes from the bottom to pretty much the top of the mountain. I tell you, anyone with a fear of heights would of HATED the ride. It was like 30 minutes of just going up and up and up and up with the ground varying between 10 and 100 feet below you. We literally went through a cloud. Was a beautiful sight up there though. I also got to try Tequeno's for the first time. And they are delicious. >.> Cheese wrapped in dough, you can't go wrong. :)

After the mountain and lunch, Alejandro's mother took me around town. Not sure the reasons we went where we went as remember, she speaks practically no english. So I was just going along for the ride till I got back to the house and waited for Alejandro. Him and his friends came over and we hung out drinking beer and chitchatting the night away. Saw a brutal brutal accident too while we were out. And with this let me quickly aside into the scariest thing about Caracas: The Traffic!

Imagine a huge city, like new york, or Chicago. Now multiply the number of cars by like 10. Also decrease the number of roads by say 20%. Now imagine we take away all stop signs and stop lights. Also don't even bother to post speed limits. Now you MIGHT have an inkling of what the traffic was like. It was just Fucking Crazy is the only way I can describe it. Never seen some many 4 way intersections with everyone pushing to go through at once. Never seen the breakdown lane consistently used as a third lane. Also there were CRAZY ASS BIKERS! Literally, everyone on a motorcycle had their own rules, which was to ride and weave between all the cars on the road as fast as possible. You'd be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic with no more than like 2 feet on all sides and all of a sudden a motorbike is going 30 through the cars. I just don't think the traffic situation could be described, only experienced.

Anyways, the traffic does die down quickly at night, and there aren't many cars out. The accident we saw was a person in a SUV going at least 40 into the back of a stationary truck without breaking i the slightest. The person was as fine as could be, AKA, conscious.

Anyhow to continue with the weekend, I'll gloss quickly over friday which was mostly spent running around with Alejandro getting some last minute stuff for the wedding done.

Saturday was the day of the wedding. I was able to get a disposable camera so I'll at least have some pictures even if you all won't! :-P The ceremony was completely in spanish so even though I was going to be the one to hand off the rings I couldn't follow the cues so another groomsman did so. (There were 3 of us.) This was a good thing, cause I missed more than a few cues cause I couldn't understand a thing! :-p

Then onto the wedding party. Now I was told that Venezuala weddings are giant events and I must say, I was not let down! I ended up leaving the party when it was just picking up at 1 AM. This was becuase I had to go to the airport at 5:30. I ended up getting 2 hours of sleep. :) At the party I spent much time being taught how to dance and cutting up the dance floor. Rather poorly in all likelihood, but hell, it was enjoyable! :-P I was taught to Salsa and the Merenge. Totally probably got the spelling wrong though!

The cake was this aweomse like triple deck stack of smaller cakes each with a different frosting design. It looked feckin awesome. There were a lot more Tequenos available! There was much rejoicing! There was steak and chicken for food. It was great! :)

Anyways, to end all, like I said, 2 hours of sleep. then a full day of travelling, about 18 hours worth. Though I'll admit, I got some sleep on the first plane trip. Anyways. I'm leaving tons of stuff out! Suffice to say I had a great time, met lots of great people and got the mourn, err, celebrate the marriage of another friend. Venezuala was fun, except for the traffic, which was just scary as all fuck. :)

With that! I'm off to bed! Night guys!

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Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
9:05 pm
Neat Meme thingie and some rant.
This is a career meme I'm sure you've seen around.

1. Go to http://www.careercruising.com/.
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results


Explosives Specialist

Materials / Metallurgical Engineer




Hydrologist / Hydrogeologist

Biomedical Engineer

Electrical Engineer


Overall probably a pretty accurate assessment. I could never actually go up in space I'm thinking though. But ground work at NASA I think I'd be good at. Explosives specialist sounds fricking intriguing though! I could fulfill my dream of being able to quote Warcraft 2 and have it be true. "We've got explosives... Kaboom!!!"

The rest, aside from Optometrist and Hyrdologist seem rather generic.

Anyways, I'm alive and well. Research on my end is picking up slightly. Been learning a bit of fortran whcih will be quasi-useful for jobs in the future. My previous research is still stagnant and is a source of much frustration for me. Just gotta trust in my advisor a bit I suppose and see how fucked I get.

As for the plane issues alluded to in my previous post, I did finally get out to San Fran. It was a fun time. Though a short trip. I learned how to paint mini's a bit. Now I'm trying my hand with out my friend looking over my shoulder. We'll see how it goes! Maybe it will be a nice calming experience. If I end up chucking a mini through my window we'll know it didn't work! :-D

As for the Florida trip to visit Amy. Still dead and we haven't talked to each other much. heh. Not in two months in fact. Guess we just don't have anything to say to each other.

So yeah. Lots of stuff still in the crapper in my life. But it could be a lot worse. I also have plenty of distractions in the form of video games and dvds. :-P Its also not all bad, I'm eating healthier(slightly) and generally taking better care of myself then I used. I'm looking into moving into a nicer place. Though money is a bit too tight for that at the moment. We'll see what I can finagle.

So, in more detailed news. Currently playing Persona 3, Almost through it. Not as great as I was expecting. Still pretty enjoyable. I'm currently watching the Wire and Robot Chicken Season 2. The wire has been good so far. Kind of sad it took me so long to watch it. (I got it for christmas 2 years ago.) and Robot Chicken is always endless laughs. :)

Anyways, I'm out. Later folks.

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Friday, July 27th, 2007
3:01 pm
Airline flights + Me = Double plus bad luck.
So yeah... two trips I've tried to go on this summer have both been shot down. The first was to visit a friend in Florida and that kind of died right before I finalized the purchasing of the ticket.

Afterwards a friend wanted to fly me out to see him in San Fransisco. I thought cool. WHy not. Book the flight get to the airport and my flight is cancelled. The best thing they can do is get me on a bus to Chicago so I can take a plane on the next day. How lame ass is that? Considering that would of cut a third of my trip it was scrapped. Let this be a lesson for those flying United Airlines. They suck the huge donkey dick.

So now I'm wondering if I should just give up trying to go anywhere this summer. I mean seriouslly. Maybe I'm supposed wither in the Bend all summer. Who knows. Its fucking ridiculous is what it is.

Remember folks, don't fly United Airlines. Even if you by the ticket with another company, like US airways, if United Airlines is running the flight expected to get fucked in the ass.

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Tuesday, July 17th, 2007
8:20 pm
Travel plans and a new game on the horizon.
Hello folks! Notice a rarity, I'm posting at a reasonable hour. My just be a symbol of my current mindstate. Anyways, after my plans to go to Florida fell through a friend offered to fly me out to San Fransisco for a long weekend and really, how can I say no? So I'll be going there in two weeks and it should be a blast! :)

As for the homefornt, work continues to go well-ish. Same old complaint as always and if you're reading this, I'm sure you've heard me bitch about it before.

However a new game on the horizon has my curiousity strongly peaked. Its called Persona 3. Its by the same guys who made Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga. The premise of the game is you're a new transfer student to a highschool who joins an supernatural fighting team who fight monsters that appear when time freezes at midnight.

The game is equal parts dark rpg and high school sim. You spend the day in highschool working on your social contacts, joining extracurricular activities or studying for upcoming tests. The choices you make affect how you level and how your persona (essentially a pet monster you summon by shooting yourself in the head) levels.

A whole game where your magical attacks are initiated by an angsty teen shooting themselves in the head? Sign me up!

In other news. A friend from back home has convinced me to start reading the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson. Its been pretty good so far though I'm only a few chapters in. Unfortunantely, its another series that isn't finished yet. At least this guy seems to get out 1 book a year though.

Well, with that, I'm off to go do some vegging activity. Either Tv or video games. I think I need to get out of the house more, meet people, that sort of thing. Psh, who knows.

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Thursday, June 21st, 2007
1:25 am
Hinata vs. Neji.
Its late again, I know, but I've been re-watching the Naruto I own in anticipation of getting the next 50 episodes and just finished the Hinata vs. Neji fight which occurs during the Chunin Exam Arc.

Can't really quantify how cool this fight is to me. The underdog Hinata begins the match by taking a verbal beating from her older cousin and opponent, Neji. She's then reinforced by the encouraging words of the character she most admires and loves (the main character Naruto). Her confidence renewed, the fight begins in earnest with some decent animated points to kick it off.

Even though she's completely outclassed and getting demolished both physically and mentally, its really, touching I guess is the word, that Naruto is able to continually instill his attitude of never giving up. The rest of the audience, while they compliment her for her more than worthwhile attempt against her genius opponent know that fight is over. Naruto's confidence in her never wavers however, and this generates self-confidence in a timid Hinata, a trait she's never possessed in the show up to date.

Even though in the end, she does lose the fight. She successfully one ups her opponent Neji by turning his words against him. These words completely unman her cousin at the same time infuriating him to attempt killing blow on the defenseless Hinata.

Hinata is succesfully saved by the referee of the fight however soon collapses from her wounds, finally passing out with a worried Naruto standing over her. There is then further banter between Naruto and Neji to set up the eventual match between them.

For me, this was one of the better fights in the series, that I've seen so far. Its also followed by the stunningly animated Gaara vs Rock Lee fight as well. Just can't go wrong with that stretch of fights.
Monday, June 11th, 2007
1:58 am
Should rename this the late night movie theatre.
Only no movie! Just reading! Sucker.

Anyways, probably the quickest return on a update in a long while. I bought Guitar Hero 2 and just spent the last hour or so playing that. Finally hit every note on one of the easy songs so I'm content. I had planned to get a lot of cleaning done this weekend as I have a friend visiting. I guess that will be what monday and tuesday nights are for!

No other real big news. Been trying to get a paper published. the same paper I've been talking about for years. Kind of depressing if I dwell on it too much, so lets not. ;)

I hope to get some shopping done tomorrow. I need to buy some more groceries as I'm running out of cold pizza. I'm also a month late on a gift for some one I care about, cause I'm am ass like that. heh.

These next two days could be rough as I have lots of housework and errands to run as a friend from California is coming to visit on wednesday. It takes a friend from college visiting to make you realize how ashamed you can be of your living space! hehe But its nearly decent looking if you don't mind random parts of ceilings missing or falling down. (If you didn't know, I live in a real charmer of a place! )

I gave my advisor the paper to touch up on friday afternoon, maybe he'll have made some good progress tomorrow morning. Its something to look forward to anyways. I think I've done all I can for it. Which is good as I won't be doing much work after wednesday and my advisor goes to china on saturday. (Physicists do a lot of travelling.)

Anyways, hope you all enjoyed the quick update. The next one will be with in 2 days, 2 months or maybe even 2 years. I definately have a feeling on this 2 though. :-D

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007
2:48 am
Only been about a quarter year.

Its currently 2:49 AM and I'm still up. I probably shouldn't be. But hey, I'm not tired so sleep can suck it.

I don't even know why I come back to this journal. I'm not sure people read it. Actually. I do kind of know why I'm around tonight. I still think no one reads this stuff. I never have much interesting to say.

As for the update: I should be getting my Masters Degree in the mail soon. Phase 1 ( Is it phase 1? Or is it phase 68? You tell me) is complete. The bad side of this my advisor thinks it would be in my best interests to spend another year on my ph.d. Being here for 6 years ain't all bad... I've got good friends, good company. However there is other company I sorely miss. :(

To stop dwelling on the crap I doubt people care to hear about and to start talking about something I know no one cares about. I've made more progress in some video games. Picked up Disgaea again. PLaying DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 ( Isn't that a goddamned mouthful?) . I've continued to fill my life with stuff like dvds and video games. Some quite entertaining.

The Japan trip was rocking. Free. I gave a talk. (Where I was listed as a Dr.) I visited Zoos (saw a panda), temples (saw a buddha) and generally just walked around cities (Saw a sex hotel). In general it was a good time all around and certainly can't just be summed up by Panda-Buddha-Sex Hotel(kinky no?). I definately wouldn't mind going back some day. The trip consisted of bouncing from Tokyo to Tsukuba back to Tokyo to Nagoya, to Kyoto to Osaka. If it sounds long, well, the advanced subway system and a JR pass made the trip quite pleasing.

Oh yeah, I'm back into WoW again. I like to say not as much. And in a way, thats 100% true. I no longer lead a raiding group 5 nights a week to slay make believe monsters. This is probably a good thing. I blame my friends that still played it! ;) Still feel a bit like a schmuck about it when I dwell on it too much.

Hmm, most recently, I saw Pirates tonight cause I heard good things about it and I needed to get out of the apartment. It was quite nice. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Was a good distraction from the monotony. Enjoyed it more than Shrek 3. Less kid oriented, and I mean that in more ways than one. (Shrek 3 was still good. ;) )

Hmm, I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of things. Or purposefully omitted them so that my imaginary readers don't know all my dirty thoughts. I suppose you'll never know!

It was good catching up and this served to distract me for about 20 more minutes. Back to browsing other journels which haven't updated as long as mine! hehehe

Night, morning... good day. Whatever.
Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
6:11 pm
B B-bar mixing, check. B to S gamma, begin!
Greetings all, I'm still alive and well. A bit has happened the last couple of months.
For starters, I passed my Oral Candidacy exam! Wasn't an easy test, however, I didn't really start panicking until I sat outside the room while they were deliberating. So I'm still working on research, tuning up some programs, trying to get started on my thesis work.

Another big thing is I quit WoW. I had plenty of reasons, one of them was being able to focus more on work, hopefully. The game was becoming a little stagnant, and the expansion was about to come out, so I figure I'd get, while the getting was good. All my friends here still play it, though quite a bit less now, so there is a chance I may return. Probably not likely though.

I went to the dentist. I need two root canals and some other work done. Thankfully, most of it can wait till I graduate and get a good job.

Also, I got to Japan in three weeks! I've got to give a talk at a national lab there, plus visit a school, but otherwise I'm free for some good ol' fashioned touring. I'll be visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, the Univesity of Naguya and I think the national lab is in Sakuba. So its going to be a pretty massive trip. I should learn some of the langauge before hand, but I doubt that will happen. The plus side, it will be less questions at my talk! :-D

I also bought a Wii, right now I'm in the middle of Trauma Center and Zelda. But I got a 6 game bundle, so I plenty of other stuff to play too. Need some Wii points though for some classic Nintendo action! This was my gift, to me, for putting up with the dentist. I hate dentists! /hate.

So, there's plenty of stuff I'm leaving out, a decent winter break and an awesome trip to Florida and another friend is getting married soon. (Yeah, I know, I should take the hint!)
Also, there is a hole in the ceiling of my bathroom...

Life goes on! Catch you all later.
Wednesday, October 11th, 2006
1:16 pm
You no takee the candle!
Hey all! I know its been a while, you're probably wondering what that rascal has been up to. Well, end of the day, not incrediibly much. This semester is flying by smoothly.

I'm sitting in on a string theory class being offered at IUSB. Thats been twisting my brains a little. The teacher is a pretty good guy though. Lots of hilarious lines. "I don't expect you to learn much at these seminars, but they're good for building up your pain tolerance, which is something you'll need in this field." I think that is by far the best description for an undergrad going to Colloquium ever.

Still playing WoW. I lead the raiding group now, as opposed to just raiding with them. Yeah... I'm a leader of a bunch of people I hardly know. Can you believe it? Nor can I! HOwever, despite my ineptitude, we're still progressing. :-D For those of you in the know: I actually made gold in Aq40 last night for the first time ever. I give credit to the healers.
Other games I'm playing are Xenosaga 3. I'm enjoying it when I get the chance to play. When I'm not raiding, watching Lost, or now Scrubs season 4. Or you know... working. >.>

Also on the school front. I set a date for my oral canidacy exam. I should be taking it in December. If I pass, and I brought it up in time. That means I'll get my Masters in January! Then I just need to figure out some theoretical Mass bounds on a so far, theoretical(Maybe fictional?) particle, convince a panel of people my results are correct, and more importantly, interesting and then I get my Ph.D. Easy peasy. :-D

However, for this coming weekend. I'm heading out to Florida! Two good friends of mine our getting married! So I'm expecting a blast of a weekend. :) I leave tomorrow on an early(read: "I didn't know there was a five AM") flight. So I'm busy getting some quick work things done, and making sure the raiding group(Called The Conclave) is up and ready to progress without me there.

Anyways! Catch all you loyal readers later! Must be loyal to still pay attention to this stuff months after my last post. :-P

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Monday, April 17th, 2006
8:22 am
Is this thing on?
Wow. Its been a while since I typed at you all! I wonder if any loyal readers are still around.... meh! So its been almost6 months since I've last posted. I wish I could say I've been insanely busy with life and this fell by the wayside, but I wasn't, so I can't. :-P

As for that little check list I had up, I can say as of this morning I've done 2 out of 3. Let me just say that writing a check for 4 figures was the weirdest feeling in the world. >< And I currently reside in my own humble, if somewhat messy abode right down town... south bend. As for the whole gym thing.... /flex Who needs the gym! :-P

The last 6 months have seen little progress in my research unfortunenately. I am almost done with anyclass I need to take, and I've successfully completed the Written half of the Canidacy Exam. Next up on the agenda is to do lots of research this summer and take the Oral half of the canidacy in the fall. Can't take it over the summer cause too many professors and hence members of the candicay board are out and about.

One thing I have done a lot of is WoW. Thats World of Warcraft. I'm still playing rather fiercely. I've made more progress in the game then I ever thought I would, and hang out with a really cool bunch of people doing it. Name is Serdudds on Scarlet Crusade for those of you interested... Fear the Axehead... that is all.

My DnD has pretty much died as one player is expecting another kid, another player dropped off the planet, and the rest of us play more WoW. ;) I'm thinking of starting a Mage Game up though using my old second edition old world of darkness books. So this could be fun. Maybe I'll even bring back the infamous Raze. ;)

I will give WoW credit for one thing.... I spend a whole lot less money then I used to. My bank account was slowly building up as opposed to the whole up and down motion. Suffice to say, I've also completed at least 2 anime series, (PeaceMaker Kurogane and Samurai Champloo(Samurai Champloom, the much better of the two)), boughten several other new neat toys. The newest acquisition was Kingdom Hearts 2. Got this last night. We'll see if I can keep playing it when I'm not WoWing.

Anyways, thats my update for all you loyal readers? Will I update more often? Maybe. Posts might go like. "We've kill Ragnaros today with only one wave of Sons!" or "Finally that damnable dragon Vaelastraz has kicked the bucket! More epix!!!!!!111one" and the like, of course we did that whole Ragnaros thing on Saturday. :-D

Oh yes. A Feast For Crows.... good book! That came out in the time span.

Anyways, only typing this cuase I need to kill time till my car Insurance company opens. Later all!
Monday, September 26th, 2005
11:42 pm
Easiest way to gain motivation?
Make big sweeping plans and try to stick to your guns.

I'll usually tell my friends who are unhappy, to try to change their situation, so now its time for me to heed my own advice... for a first. ;)

So my big plans:
Find cheap-ish loan to help clear out credit card debt. My interests rates are hamstringing me as we speak.
Start finding a place to move off campus. Cheaper living, single room, sweet life.
Start going to the gym more! Cause no better time to take care of yourself then the present and I refuse to eat right. A person needs to have principles. ;)

Anyways, For a motivationless slacker like me, it should be interesting to see if I stick to this plan. I've convinced myself to try to go forward and not balk at unforeseen obstacles. Who knows, maybe this will help motivate me to do more important things that I need to get done in my life. Here's to hoping.

We'll see how it goes, for now I'm confident, talk to me in a week, I'll either still be determined. Or look back and think I was a silly idiot. Only time will tell. :)

In other news, I bought Stormwrack, a dnd book about water adventures, the first disk of peacemaker Kurogane. and the crossfade cd.
Watched the anime tonight, I enjoyed it. Its intrigued me, but not enough to go grab every disk right away. I'll buy a disk every couple of weeks probably. Don't know why I bought the cd. Probably cuase of catchy songs I heard on the radio and I wanted the mp3's.... Ah well. fulfills my cd buying quota for the year.

Anyways, wish me luck. I'm off to bed, and my alarm is set for 6:30! We'll see if I can hit that gym or not! At the very least its penance for buying stuff today. >_

Current Mood: determined
Wednesday, September 21st, 2005
12:19 am
Another nice evening. heh
Well, Figured I should update more. Today was rather nice. Taught Lab, that went alright. Yesterday I graded all day. But I got all caught up. These last two days have been quite productive. Just not for research which is still slowing to molasses. But I think its the way it goes.
This week I saw Transporter 2. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it. If you enjoy action, crazy six foot tall blonds and can stomach physics being violated more than a squirrel at a furry convention, then this move might be for you. :)
Still play a lot of WoW. I cancelled my actually subscription, so the end might be near, November 8th.
Incidentally, I think that is the day A Feast for Crows comes out. This is excellent.
Other news you might not have gotten. I wanted to support and watch hockey this year... living on campus has made that impossible though. So that kind of sucks. But I'll deal. Meh. :)

So now I head to bed, wondering how much work I'll get tomorrow. At least I'll learn something at the informal group theory discussion. Schur's Lemma for the win!

Current Mood: contemplative
Sunday, September 11th, 2005
1:13 am
Sometimes I wonder if I dropped a ball I never knew I was holding...
WoW, its been a while...

Aren't I punny...

That answer would be No.

Anyhow, the first line says it all, I've not been updating much, what have I been doing with my life!

The answer, Not much.
Work is ok. Could be better. Could be a lot worse I imagine too so I can't really complain.
Beenplaying WoW. I think I've played my main character the least out of my friends... thats gotta say something. Not as addicted as my roommate anyhow. heh....

So, its been forever since I updated? Whats the deal? Well, the answer could be that I'm looking to anonymously spout my problems to the unknown readers. However, who am I kidding... everyone who reads this probably knows me so anonymity is a joke.

As and aside. If I spelt both those versions of anonymous right, I'll be amazed. But I digress.

Anyways, for you readers, that don't know me, I am still alive. In pretty good health... if I can ever be considered to be in good health. Also, most things are going well.

Anyhow, not sure why I posted this... Probably cause I'm bored, generally annoyed, its past 12 and I'm listening to music. Those generally are the criteria for posting... cause I'm a whiny bitch. ;)

Speaking of past 12. A weird thing, having to do with me getting older, is I'm rarely up this late anymore... which is another reason for a lack of entries.

Anyways, I've verbally excremented for no purpose for long enough. Time to go back to music!

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Sunday, July 24th, 2005
9:44 pm
This is a great big hello from Princeton.
Well, I've been in Princeton a week. And its not been so bad. The lecturer's have been quite nice and I'm learning quite a bit. There isn't a whole lot to do here, but I haven't been as bored as is possible. Though to say I miss teh stuff in my apartment would be an understatement. I wasn't able to get AIM express to work on the computers here. I wonder how all are doing at ND and other places. heh.

I went to Philadelphia yesterday with some italian friends I met. That was pretty fun. Saw the liberty bell, did a lot of walking. Not a bad day overall. I was also able to buy 3 more Exalted novels. I had found second one in south bend and read it on the flight here. It was alright. I didn't find it remarkable but enjoyed in the sense that I hadn't read a fiction book in a while. I bought the 1st, 3rd, and 4th books yesterday. They're all separate stories, loosely connected by some of the characters. Anyways, I started reading the firstone on the train back to IAS. And I finished it that night. It was fantastic. I highly suggest it to anyone whose interest I might of piqued in this setting. The side characters, The Emissary and Disciple of the Seven Forbidden Wisdoms were both quite good characters if you asked me. Had a good amount of twisted nobility about them. I start the 3rd book today and am about half way through it.

This coming week will be more interesting then last. Last week pretty much covered the Standard Model and how we're going to detect it at the Large Hadron Collider. The short if it all, is its going to be hard as hell, becuase protons suck. I'll give a more thorough explanantion to any questioners. Next week though we learn how new physics might appear at these new colliders. Its not something I know much about. So it will be interesting. Anyways. 5 more days and i'll be back.

The thing about this place is. That the computer to and hte tv I have access to are 3-5 minute walks in opposite directions. And this place is very empty. I've never thought I'd be in a civilized area where the fireflies produced more light then street lamps. I'm not kidding. It gets quite dark here. Lots of bugs and rabbits and deer. I saw 3 deer. They carry Lyme disease though... :-P Its a very intriguing surrounding. Just not the same with people to share it with though.

Well, this has been a lengthy post. Its just a testament to how bored I am at times here. I should probably spend the time thinking about physics and i'm sure some of the others here do just that. However 5 hours of lectures a day physic me out. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess as long as I have some novels to read I won't go too crazy. We'll see.

So how is WoW going for everyone? For everyone elses knowledge I was ahead in levels when I left. Well, 3-4 levels or so. When I get back, I'm sure all my friends will have me outlevelled by the tens... we'll see.

I'm also supposed to be planning a trip back to MA. I'll probably just pick up an leave and head out there. Eh.

Later all....

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, July 10th, 2005
11:38 pm
Well, one question answered... the other postponed another few months.
I'm currently playing World of Warcraft. Don't know for how long. I am thoroughly enjoying the game except when I lag like shit when in Ironforge, or freeze up after mining something. So with these little nuisances, I probably won't be playing long. For now, I'm the Scarlet Crusade Server, I've got a dwarf and an Undead thang.

As for the Exalted thing. Still undecided... But I won't have to as my game will probably not run for another 2-3 months I'm figuring. Football season is around the corner... and that effectively kills two of my players. 3 player Exalted game isn't looking too shabby though... We'll see. Must get away from WoW.

As for work... blegh! I go to IAS on Sunday. Thats Institute for Advanced Studies. I'm going for a summer session of sorts. But I need to finish up a paper by then. And my advisor keeps forgetting to bring his laptop. Hopefully he'll have it tomorrow. We'll see

Till then, I'm out...
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